[NTLK] Mail V Problem

R A Parker QuadzillaNET at SBCGlobal.NET
Mon Feb 8 10:19:00 EST 2010

Nice segue on the topic change... very well done, nice form.

On Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 12:34 pm Tony Douglas wrote:
> It was indeed write speed
> So, despite it being good fun on 
> the face of it to have 2Gb of store
> available for the Newton, in reality
> it just doesn't make sense, sadly.

Ah.... it's OK. But don't be so ready to discount the power and flexibility 
of a 2GB ATA storage card.

For daily use, I find that a  pair of 24MB Linear cards are more than 
adequate. I'll use the 2GB ATA for archiving stuff. A nice side effect of 
ATA is the write-ability it provides an eMate. Rare thing, to be able to 
write from an eMate to the external storage card. 

> To Mail V...
> Mail V and I seem to have
> a love-hate relationship. 

I can appreciate that. There are times when Mail V just frustrates me as to 
why it will or will not do something. Especially, a very annoying "pause" 
and "don't send" feature Mail V has with long messages. I keep GoFetch 
handy just for those cases.

> I had it set up and working, 
> and all was well and good. 
> Then one day I was sending
> an email, and things went 
> a little... odd.

Where are you storing these messages now? I wouldn't be using the internal 
store for saving incoming Mail V data. Once, I forgot to check my default 
store and filled my internal storage with messages. I can always tell, it 
has the same symptoms. I'd start to see larger messages stall and time out. 
By that time, it's too late. And, easily fixed. I simply move everything to 
my 24MB external flash card, do a backup of my internal to my external. 
Erase, restore and rinse. 

I run with about 976K free space on my internal store. It doesn't take much 
to fill it up and slow Mail V down to a stall and quit. My external Linear 
Flash cards have all my extra apps, spell check, speech-to-text, other 
things and such. About 11MB is taken up with the extra stuff I keep. The 
leftover 12MB is used for Mail V storage.

Because I use POP!, once my external storage drops below 1MB of free space, 
I'll see the same type of problems again. (slower download on messages, 
timeouts, etc.) I then know it's time to clean up or move to my spare card.

> So, I reorganised to have a
> separate owner slip for each
> email account, 

Uh oh... multiple accounts!? That's a lot of fun. You might want to 
simplify things. I used to run multiple accounts but ended up settling on 
one. NewtonTalk comes through my Newted account and my 2100 handles that, 
most of the time. The other accounts I'll just browse on my iPhone.

> it all worked fine and dandy
> for about 4 days. Until yesterday.

> I didn't change *anything*. 
> Really, honestly I didn't. I was
> just receiving mail like normal,
> then when the retrieval was
> finished, the Disconnecting ... slip

Well, there are many suggestions here. First, make sure you have selected 
the "Disconnect after" options in the Mail V prefs. Use the Mail Assistant 
to help check and clean your settings and mail profiles. Worst case, delete 
them all and start over again... that sometimes (magically) brings things 
back to working.

Keep on trucking....


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