[NTLK] Einstein: new version for Snow Leopard released

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*sorry didn't reply to all so I left the list out :-)

Yep, thanks for the correction. When I first found out about Einstein I couldnty get my newt to dump its rom so I could see it in action so I used the debug roms there. They worked on my desktop, powermac G4, but testing just recently on my hackintosh revealed some quirks. I couldn't even get the new intel only build to run on my hackintosh netbook (acer aspire one) but the older version worked with some tweaks, I had to set the audio to off, and the screen driver to X11 which I don't remember having to do on my desktop but its been awhile so these may just be hackintosh problems (I can't sit down and test on my desktop right now to verify). 

I'm not sure if using those images is a good thing, that's a question for some that knows more about the newts inner workings, but it let me are Einstein in action. Hth

Joe Reilly
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On 6/2/10, reilly001os at aol.com wrote: 
>(debug) rom in newtondev package on unna

Are you referring to 
<http://www.unna.org/view.php?/development/Debugger_Images> ?



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