[NTLK] Einstein: new version for Snow Leopard released

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Fri Feb 5 09:53:11 EST 2010

On 05.02.2010, at 14:17, Goodwin, Greg P. wrote:
> Awesome!  So what do you think of the idea of the iPad running Einstien?  You think it's possible?

Yes, technically that would be quite possible. There is serious doubt though that we could distribute it through iTunes which would limit Einstein to cracked iPad - when they become available. It may be much easier to dedicate one of the numerous other slate computers to running NewtonOS.

>>>  True, but it would be cool to run Newton on a new APPLE tablet.  

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Ah, your sig reminds me of the "good old" Fido times. 2400bpd up and down. ;-P

>>> Thank you Matthias!   Yeh that is kinda the idea, and if you are ever up to having some BBS fun, just check out the Prison Board that I mention in the signature.   As for me, you're right, 2400 was when BBS'ing STARTED to reach a decent speed.  I remember getting a 2400 baud modem to replace my 300 baud modem.  OH THE SPEED!!   I was able to receive a 48K file in 7 minutes verses 50 minutes!

For the Prison Board, you CAN connect at 2400 baud if you want to (dialup and everything) but when you want to zoom a bit faster, 56K baud and higher are also available.  

Wasn't the Newton modem (the external one) a 2400 baud modem?   I had a T-Jack 2400 PCMCIA modem for my Newton 110.   Though that was slow even for then (1994) I still thought the modem looked cool.

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