[NTLK] Newton MP2100 leather carrying bag

Jim Lee jimlee at centurytel.net
Thu Feb 4 22:38:06 EST 2010

I also have one of these, as well as a smaller version of it without  
the handle/strap. Both have the Newton logo embossed on the outside,  
though I don't know who actually made them.  The case I actually use  
is similar (to the smaller one), but without a spot for the keyboard  
and made by Calise, The leather is a bit shinier, but the design  
nearly identical.


On Feb 4, 2010, at 10:36 AM, Woo wrote:

> That is the Newton Briefcase.  I have one.  It's very useful for  
> toting what extra you need with a MP2K.
> I didn't like the fact that the zipper goes down, under, and then up  
> the side of the case.
> In a hasty move, your Newt stuff falls out if you didn't zip all the  
> way across and up.  :-O
> Woo.

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