[NTLK] Connection Stopped- No Response

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Thu Feb 4 05:03:00 EST 2010

On 3 Feb 2010, at 23:47, Amy Rose-Perkins wrote:

> I still can't seem to get my imac and my emate to connect. I entered
> "defaults write com.newton.connection BaudRate -int 9600" in the
> terminal

This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. The default serial speed  
used by the Newton (when you choose 'Connect via: Serial' in the Dock  
app) is 38400. You should restore NCX’s default setting by entering:
    defaults write com.newton.connection BaudRate -int 38400
in the Mac Terminal, so that both ends are talking at the same speed.

Woody is right, you shouldn’t do anything!
> I installed driver, connected keyspan device to usb port on Mac not  
> hub, connected eMate, selected correct port in NCX preferences and  
> then launched DOCK on newt selected serial and connected. I did not  
> change anything on the Mac network preferences.

It sounds like you’ve been adjusting the advanced modem settings in  
your Mac’s System Preferences. This won’t make any difference to NCX  
(or any other app using a serial port for that matter) because every  
app makes its own serial settings.

What you CAN do is:

o  On your iMac, use the Keyspan Serial Assistant app to make sure  
your Keyspan device is properly installed and connected.
o  In NCX, open Preferences and check that NCX recognizes the Keyspan  
serial port, and that it has been selected.
o  As Woody suggested, reset the Newton. This can clear all sorts of  
networking problems.
o  Check the serial cable. If it’s non-standard, are the pin-outs  

Later, when things are working, you can experiment with the serial  
speed; but I hope this information helps get you started.


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