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> 1. I hear about a lot of people using their MP2x00's for note-taking of
> various sorts. Is it safe to assume that all of you use the external
> newton keyboard? HWR is nice, but it isn't exactly the fastest input
> method around...

I use HWR exclusively, and I use my Newton a *lot*.  I take notes in
conferences, with clients, while reading, as well as when planning to write
articles and reports -- which I also do on my Newt.  When speed is the real
priority I write in "Ink Text" mode and convert it to type face afterwards.
If you're worried about recognition errors, pause briefly every dozen or so
words; that way when you do the conversion you'll only be changing the text
a dozen words at a time and you'll be able to see any errors one at a time.
Mostly though, during lectures and other time-sensitive situations I do with
my Newt what I'd do with a paper notebook:  take notes in "Outline", and use
each point or subpoint to write down keywords plus any brief quotations.
That also lets me take full advantage of the traditional note-taking
methodology.  The act of reviewing and filling in the thoughts around the
keywords soon after taking notes is part of why note-taking is a valuable
learning tool:  you're rehearsing the original data and recalling it in more
detail in a way that strenghtens the neural memory-traces.

If I need more exhaustive detail than that I use a digital recorder.

Just some thoughts, in case they're useful.


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(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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