[NTLK] Flash card direct backup?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Feb 1 19:45:20 EST 2010

Well of course you can do that...but there won't be anything you can
read/use elsewhere.  Since it uses a data storage system totally alien
to what most computers use.  The only possibility would be if einstine
were able to read and write to cards.  But last I knew it did not have
this feature?


On 2/1/2010 12:59 PM, robinson pereira wrote:
> I think that the challenge is to deveolpe a software to make PC or MAC to
> read cards writen by Newton.
> I use a SD running with ATA driver. It is very easy to take off the SD from
> Newton and put on a SD/USB reader...
> 2010/2/1 Dan 
>> On 2/1/2010 9:53 AM, Brett Feinblatt wrote:
>>> Just wondering, I've never seen any mention of it, but for the
>>> external flash memory cards - particularly the larger ones - is there
>>> by any chance a bit of software for the Classic MacOS that would
>>> allow you to just pop the PC memory card into the the slot on an old
>>> Powerbook and do a direct backup/wipe/restore from there?
>>> I've been using the serial connection, but for whatever reason, the
>>> system starts to hang after a little while when I try to backup, and
>>> so far I haven't been able to do a full one. I could probably do it
>>> piecemeal - back up this bit one time, that part later, etc. until I
>>> get it all, but I'm not entirely happy with that plan.
>>> The card, incidentally, is fairly large - 24 MB.
>>> Thanks
>> Nope.  The newton uses its own method of storage on the card and nothing
>> else can read it directly.  If you use the right tools you can "clone" a
>> exact copy of the card to another card.  But that is it.  You can't do
>> direct data manupliation.  And back up this part or restore that part.
>> The Newton doesn't use a file system like a Mac or PC.  Therefore all
>> the Mac will see is a card in a format it can't understand and ask you
>> to format it if you want to use it.
>> -Dan

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