[NTLK] Flash card direct backup?

Brett Feinblatt bafein at mac.com
Mon Feb 1 09:53:19 EST 2010

Just wondering, I've never seen any mention of it, but for the  
external flash memory cards - particularly the larger ones - is there  
by any chance a bit of software for the Classic MacOS that would  
allow you to just pop the PC memory card into the the slot on an old  
Powerbook and do a direct backup/wipe/restore from there?

I've been using the serial connection, but for whatever reason, the  
system starts to hang after a little while when I try to backup, and  
so far I haven't been able to do a full one. I could probably do it  
piecemeal - back up this bit one time, that part later, etc. until I  
get it all, but I'm not entirely happy with that plan.

The card, incidentally, is fairly large - 24 MB.

If Bill Gates had a penny for every time Windows crashed....oh wait,  
he does.

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