[NTLK] [ANN] Patch 71J059 - Year 2010 Fix

Jim Lee jimlee at centurytel.net
Mon Feb 1 03:49:54 EST 2010

On Jan 31, 2010, at 11:58 PM, James Wages wrote:

> I wasn't going to say anything further in public for fear of being
> misunderstood again.  But after reading Valerio and Christian's  
> posts just
> now, I feel compelled take the risk.
James, I for one understood your original post.  Probably because I  
have made the same kind of faux pas many times myself. ;-)

It is important for everyone to note that the feelings stirred in the  
reader are rarely the feelings intended by the writer.  The written  
word has no inflection of tone, familiarity of voice, or conveyance of  
body language, among other communication cues.  Couple that with the  
typical social handicaps of us geeks (well, most of us, anyway, myself  
included), and it is easy to see how one can type out a quick brain  
dump and hit 'send' without  considering the mood or form of the  

And Eckhart, your reaction was understandable but, personally, I would  
have said it privately to James.  But that was your call, and I want  
to thank you for all your contributions to the Newton community.  By  
the way, I'd be happy to help with the patch.  Feel free to contact me  
off list - I have the tools & experience to disassemble the ROM and  
program in assembly.  Just haven't had the time until recently :-)

> This has been discussed far too much already, so I will refrain from  
> saying
> anything further.

I agree.  Water under the bridge, time to get back to picking on the  
iPad... :-)


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