[NTLK] [ANN] Patch 71J059 - Year 2010 Fix

James Wages james at kiramek.com
Mon Feb 1 02:58:40 EST 2010

I wasn't going to say anything further in public for fear of being
misunderstood again.  But after reading Valerio and Christian's posts just
now, I feel compelled take the risk.

Valerio, as I told you offlist, you didn't have to apologize publicly.  But
you have, so I will admit publicly that I am humbled by your kindness and
sincerity.  And as I wrote you offlist, I shall do my utmost to tread more
carefully on this list.  But if ever I stumble again, please be forgiving.
I am truly a flawed, mortal in the extreme.

Christian, your words match what I was pondering privately just today.  For
I truly don't post things that I would not say to someone's fact in real
life.  Most people are not that way though, as many people today post
horrendously cold-hearted things on the web simply because they can "get
away with it."  But that is not the way I wish to be.  I feel it important
to act the same online as offline.  And please know that doesn't mean I say
horrendous things to people face to face.  I simply am honest and try to be
as factual as possible; yet from time to time, I end up getting
misunderstood.  I don't mean to be mean or unfriendly though, especially
with a group as nice as those here on NewtonTalk.

Simply put, bugs are separate from the developer.  While bugs result from a
developer's code, such bugs are enivitable.  And we all are impacted
differently by those bugs.  In my original post, I was just expressing some
mild frustration with the bug because it caught me by complete surprise.
Last year in December, after I applied the patch, I thought my days of
resetting the date/time were over.  I apologize for expression a little
shock this week as I found that was not the case.

But please know I was certainly not expressing anything negative against the
patch developer. I participate on many Mac OS X software beta programs, and
I am used to talking about bugs and of course expression emotions over some
of the more nasty ones.  But I never target the developers or anyone

This has been discussed far too much already, so I will refrain from saying
anything further.

Thank you for your kind understanding,

James Wages

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