[NTLK] ANN: USB-001 Pre-Order Opportunity

Brian Mikol comm at atomicfirefly.com
Sun Dec 12 04:15:00 EST 2010

> It is my  pleasure to present the announcement of the completed
> production of an internal fitting USB solution for the Newton 2000 and
> 2100 Model MessagePads.  This project has been on my shelf for years  
> and
> is long overdue.
> This board is similar to the 'Dongle Destroyer' Internal Serial Board
> that was produced by NewtonSales several years ago and functions to
> remove the need for any type of adaptors to connect your Newton 2000  
> or
> 2100 unit to a Mac or Windows computer through USB.
> No more need for Interconnect Port Adaptor,
> No more need for serial cables, and finally
> No more need for USB to serial adaptors.

Here's a bit of weird question: After installing the USB board, is  
there compatibility with using a USB-serial adapter in order to use  
the Newton keyboard? Would normal USB keyboards work?

Kinda odd to want to go back to using the beloved KeySpan adapter  
after doing this upgrade, but the Newton keyboard's diminutive size  
(and oddly comforting clickiness) still makes it a compelling accessory.


PS - Chalk me up as another who would like to see a reshot video with  
an extra pair of hands (and shots of the actual hardware).

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