[NTLK] Newton 2000 issues

Lloyd Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Sat Dec 11 21:51:34 EST 2010

     Thanks very much, Barry and Tony, for your suggestions.  My Newt is 
now working fine, faxing and both PC card slots work.

I had the issue with the upper PC card ceasing to work, and then after a few months, the lower slot stopped working, too, at which point I thought that the Newton was dead.  So I started the effort to transfer my memory card to another Newton and pulled the battery and the power cord from the seemingly dead Newton.  For some reason, after about a minute, I put the power cord back in it and tried it again, and the card slots were suddenly working again -- and they have been working for at least a year since then.  So my suggestion is to first try a hard reset (hold down the power switch and the button in the back for a while, then answer no when it asks if you want it to erase all data).  And if that doesn't work, then back up the internal memory of your Newton onto a card and pull the batteries and the power cord.  Best of luck.  --Barry

I too had this problem and even packed it ready to send from New Zealand to
Germany for Frank G to look at.  For some strange reason I just had a funny
feeling that I should plug it back in just one more time.  Everything worked.

The only things I can put it down to are:

* It was no longer in a tight leather case so if there was any case distortion
due to the tight fit...
* The batteries had been removed for over 48 hours as I didn't intend to ship it
all the way there with the weight of the batteries adding to postage costs.



Tony Kan


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