[NTLK] ANN: USB-001 Pre-Order Opportunity

Knowledge Navigator knowledgenavigator at gmail.com
Sat Dec 11 06:54:27 EST 2010

Hello Newtontalkers,

It is my  pleasure to present the announcement of the completed 
production of an internal fitting USB solution for the Newton 2000 and 
2100 Model MessagePads.  This project has been on my shelf for years and 
is long overdue.

This board is similar to the 'Dongle Destroyer' Internal Serial Board 
that was produced by NewtonSales several years ago and functions to 
remove the need for any type of adaptors to connect your Newton 2000 or 
2100 unit to a Mac or Windows computer through USB.

No more need for Interconnect Port Adaptor,
No more need for serial cables, and finally
No more need for USB to serial adaptors.

A demonstration of the functioning board is available at the following 
link as a video download:


The board is literally plug and play, simple to install requiring only 
that one removes the rear housing on your Newton unit.  The board 
outputs its connection next to the interconnect port in the space 
reserved for the internal serial modem.

The board will be selling for $49.95 (plus S&H) and will be available at 

However, as a special offer for the long time Newton users that are part 
of Newtontalk the first 25 boards will be sold at $39.99 inclusive of 
all S&H charges.  In order to get this special price, an email must be 
sent to knowlegeNavigator at gmail.com with the subject line reading: 
USB-001 NewtonTalk Discount Purchase.  Orders will be processed on a 
first come first served basis.  An email will be sent to the list when 
the first 25 boards have been sold.  Quantities are limited.

Due to the holiday rush, orders will start shipping early January.

Payment is by paypal, or bank transfer (valid for Europeans or those in 
the US/Canada).

Payment details will be sent to those who have purchased a board.

Please email us with any questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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