[NTLK] Thinking of giving it all up

PMichael Rodgers pmiker at copper.net
Tue Dec 7 12:14:10 EST 2010

Lord Groundhog,
Any ideas on how an old you know what can learn to program?  Where to 
start and with what?  Newtonscript is not exactly the most 
common/current/easy programming language.

Just remember my limitations: my age, dialup only connectivity and 
limited funds.

On 12/1/2010 1:07 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:
> ~~~ On 2010/12/01 18:12, pmiker at copper.net at pmiker at copper.net wrote ~~~
> HOW ABOUT ...learning to program for the Newton and getting involved in one
> of the projects folks have going here?

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