[NTLK] Updating the Newton OS of an Original MessagePad

Riccardo Mori rick at newted.org
Mon Dec 6 09:29:01 EST 2010

quoth M. Horvat:

>> Now that I have an updated OMP, I'll search the list
>> archives for software suggestions for 1.x devices, but if
>> you NOS 1.x owners have some advice, fire away.
> I'd love to help! If you have any questions or problems, just contact me off-list.

Thank you, Matej!

Could you begin by sharing a small list of what you consider essential software add-ons for 1.x devices (or at least for *your* Newton)? I'm browsing my Newton-related archive of links, but there's a lot of information to sift through. I'm keeping this on-list, if you don't mind, because I think it may help other NOS 1.x users :)



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