[NTLK] Part Request: Interconnect Adapter

Michael L'Heureux mlheureux at online.fr
Sat Dec 4 14:34:56 EST 2010


I noticed your message & was hoping someone out there might be able to help
me too.  My Newton's been sitting in a drawer for the past while since I
accidentally deleted my wifi driver & I can't find my interconnect dongle to
hook it up to an old Mac.

I DO have an interconnect -> DIN9 cable and would be willing to trade it for
a dongle, if someone out there wants it.  I know I could somehow hook it up
to a PC with that cable, but I'd like a dongle since I plan on getting a
Newtway & using my Newton to take notes with.

I'm a student, so I'd prefer not to spend too much money on this.

Can anyone help?



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