[NTLK] Thinking of giving it all up

Christian Walther cptsalek at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 16:42:43 EST 2010


On 1 December 2010 20:07, Lord Groundhog <lordgroundhog at gmail.com> wrote:
> ~~~ On 2010/12/01 18:12, pmiker at copper.net at pmiker at copper.net wrote ~~~
>> ... But back to my original problem, why should I keep it if I can't find a
>> need for it?
> The sheer pleasure?

Yepp, I totally agree with this reason. :)
I'm mostly lurking around on this list, and I have to admit that my
Newt is sitting in a safe place most of the time. It doesn't have the
required patches installed. I got two Macs from a friend, but both are
in a non working condition. Of course at least one is required to
bring my Newton up to date. I am no Windows guy, and sadly enough
there is no Unix software available.
So I thought about parting with it (it's a MP2000U), but every time I
power it up I see what a great piece of technology it is.
> I have to say, as practical as I find my Newt, even if I retire I'll still
> be using it, just because ...
> Try writing with it -- poetry or prose, notes to things or whatever?  Maybe
> take up another hobby and use your Newton to keep track of it?

In my case writing is not my favorite, I don't get good recognition
results (I don't blame the Newton, my writing differs from day to

What makes me stay with the Newton is it's flexibility:
- I create sketches for my DIY projects with it
- Shopping lists

But what makes the Newton really usefull to me is MoreInfo - which I
consider being one of the Killer Apps. "At a glance", tasks,
backlinks, etc...

Yes, I still love the Newton, but well, I need to get everything up
and running again. And time is a scarce resource (being a System
Administrator with funny working hours and a father).

Parting with the Newton is not an Option for me anyway. :)

Christian W.

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