[NTLK] Thinking of giving it all up

Tony Kan tony.kan at clear.net.nz
Wed Dec 1 15:52:35 EST 2010

Well, it's still my primary PDA even though I have a smartphone.  Only the
contact list is synched between my Newton and the phone via the desktop.

Call me a Luddite, if you like:  The best way to get the most enjoyment out of
the Newton is to ignore all these technologies.  Then everything is in one
place, the brain doesn't get confused about where to go to find something and
there's less need to keep multiple repositories up to date.  The Newton travels
with me everywhere.  It's literally an extension of my body now.

When I want something out I just nblog it or email it.

At a practical level, I use it for everything from keeping recipes, contact
managing clients, project management, managing Xmas card lists and gifts.  At
this time of the year, it's always tricky trying to avoid giving the same gift
twice.  There are over 8 years of Xmas gift lists in my Newton.

MI5 and Affiliate Plus have become indispensable.  Apart from obvious work
applications, all the contact list from my son's class are in their and I can do
a bulk email to all the parents for the next bbq or fundraiser.  All my
neighbours are there and I am on a couple of charity boards so they are in their

The only thing I pine for is a way to get better access to IMDB and Wikipedia on
there.  But that's 'cos I'm too lazy to get up off the couch to walk 15m to my
office to look something up.

My Newton is a workhorse and hobby rolled into one.


Tony Kan

New Zealand


The sheer pleasure?

I have to say, as practical as I find my Newt, even if I retire I'll still
be using it, just because ...

Try writing with it -- poetry or prose, notes to things or whatever?  Maybe
take up another hobby and use your Newton to keep track of it?

And your wife's idea about the hobby side of things is a good one.


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