[NTLK] Newton Hardware Development and Newton Knowledge: Updates

From: <mkow1234_at_aol.com>
Date: Sat Mar 28 2009 - 10:37:43 EDT

Hello Ryan:
I've been in the technical communications field for many years.
Please feel free to send a rough draft of "Newton Knowledge" my way.

Best regards,

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan USA


Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 13:12:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Vetter <physicalconstants@yahoo.ca>
Subject: [NTLK] Newton Hardware Development and Newton Knowledge: Updates

So, as some may be aware, I have been working on getting internal wifi to work
with the Newton (2000/2100). Doug Parker and I have teamed up on this, with
some helpful advice from Sonny and a few others. We have all of the necessary
parts, and are taking to installing it. We will know if internal wifi on the
Newton is successful in a few weeks. If it works, we will share how to do it,
and the parts are quite simple really, a wifi card that fits in a pc card slot
and takes a cabled antennae that fits inside the Newton. This information will
be released for non-commercial purposes, meaning no profiting from it (well, I
am pretty sure that this clause is directed at only a couple lurkers out there,
cough cough).

As for the MP 100 and OMP backlight, that project is ticking along too. I have
purchased a test unit and will be looking for a source for backlight and
inverter parts. If anyone wants to join the OMP or MP 100 backlight project, I
can send you a username and password and give you access to the project site.
All of our research, including a message board with a task list and files is
located there.

As for Newton Knowledge, the Getting Up and Running is getting closer to being
finished. I will be sending it in to a few List members for edits, should they
want to participate. But I will need the blessing and permission of list
members before releasing it to everyone, so you all don't have a choice! You
have to consult with me on it first! ;)


Thank you,



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