[NTLK] Reviving a MessagePad 130

From: Péter Mészáros <meszaros.peter_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Mar 27 2009 - 15:00:00 EDT

Hello all!
I have got a MessagePad 130 that hasn't been used in a while. Tried to turn
it on the other day, but it refuses to show signs of life.
I even tried the metods that can be read in the FAQ (hard reset etc...), and
after a while I get a little sound and the startup-screen when I plug in the
adaptor. After the startup-screen it goes blank and nothing more happens (it
humms, like it is on, thats all...), and when you try to use the power
switch it doesn't react... It only does this when it has been left powerless
for a while, if you just reseat the (fresh) batteries, this doesn't happen
because then it is just stone dead...

Please help, I would love to get my old friend working again!

// Peter

PS: If these are the symptoms of the "loose chip", can someone tell me
anyone in the relative closeness of Sweden that could take a look at it :) ?
Frank? :)

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