Re: [NTLK] clear MP110

From: Larry Yaeger <>
Date: Thu Mar 19 2009 - 02:55:46 EDT

At 10:46 PM -0400 3/18/09, Sonny Hung wrote:
>I am sure that if your offer was high enough one of the list members might
>be willing to let go of their Clear Case MP130.

:) Well, I don't keep up on prices, but I'd've probably ponied up what seemed a rather exorbitant price the person was asking for on eBay, for the clear case 110, if it was a working, clear case 130 (or 2000 or 2100) with OS 2.0 or later.

>Unless I'm mistaken I thought I had spoken to someone on the list with one.
>There has only been one photo that I'm aware of - of a Clear Case MP130.
>Regarding a Clear Case MP2000 or MP2100 I've only heard of one being offered
>for sale in Japan.

I just googled and found a photo of a clear case 2100. Didn't see anything for sale now or ever, though. I don't really expect to get that lucky; it'd just be nice. I'm grateful to have a working, regular 2100 and eMate.

- larryy

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