Re: [NTLK] GTD and Omnifocus vs. Newton

From: Riccardo Mori <>
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 21:00:17 EDT

Stefan wrote:

> Many of us are a little fixed to the idea doing everything with the
> help of "machines" and software.
> But why, when nearly everything can be done with good old "low tech",
> paper and pencil?

I agree. I do love my Newtons but I haven't abandoned the good old
note-taking and pen-and-paper writing I've always done before knowing
the Newton. The great thing the Newton has for me -- and the sole
reason it's been and is the only PDA I've ever used -- is the fact
that it allows me to keep taking notes in the old, human way, but
giving me the benefit of permanence. The most important documents are
kept in my MP2100 and eMate: my creative bits of writing, notes for
short stories and similar writing projects. Yet, as Joel said before,
there are a lot of quick notes of lesser importance which it's handier
to just jot down on paper.

One thing I've never used the Newton (or iCal, or whatever software
might be out there) for is To-Do. Either my life isn't as busy as I
feel it is, or there may be something wrong with me (LOL), but I can
assure you: I just use my brain and rely 99% of the time on my memory.
When I wake up in the morning, the list of things to do is all in my
head. I know rather precisely the hierarchy of tasks I have to take
care of for the day, their priority, what to do next and which things
I'm postponing. I've never felt the need to write down reminders or to-
do notes, either on paper, or using the Newton or my iPhone. The few
times I 'forced' myself to use some kind of to-do application, I
always felt I was wasting my time. An alarm would go off and remind me
of something I already knew I'd have to do, or something I already
remembered to do.

Maybe that's why my memory is still very good :)


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