Re: [NTLK] GTD and Omnifocus vs. Newton

From: Stefan <>
Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 15:42:42 EDT

Hello Joel,

I enjoyed to read your posting as over the years I got (unfortunately
very slowly ;-) the same experience.
In fact I got never used to the Newton or any other PDA or PIM.

Many of us are a little fixed to the idea doing everything with the
help of "machines" and software.
But why, when nearly everything can be done with good old "low tech",
paper and pencil?
(And if someone wants to have some luxury he can buy a fine leather "system")

The only missing aspects are
- remembering by watch & tone/signal
- fast searches in the data system

But there are many advantages, you are absolutely wright (IMHO).


>Actually I gave up OmniFocus (which is a very nice app.) and the
>Newton, for paper.
>What I have now is a binder with scrap A4 sheets and a pencil - and
>boy, is it fast! HWR is 100% accurate, the screen resolution and
>contrast is off the chart, it accepts text, drawing, tree diagrams,
>the lot, battery life is incredible and the modeless operation is
>such a relief!
>For my To Do list, this is really the best solution and believe me, I
>have tried all the electronic alternatives.
>An ApplePad just might lure me back into the digital world for this
>task - but I doubt it.
>OmniFocus is just about as good as a piece of software could be but
>it still has to be launched/brought to the front, learnt, managed,
>updated, fed, backed up etc.
>The Newton is still peerless when it comes to note taking, data
>gathering, and for all the things that you need to keep for ever.
>To Dos are transient, have to be fast and require no thought other
>than the task and for me, have to visible at all times while I use
>the computers for what they do best.

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