Re: [NTLK] NBU, NCK et al: Beware of Windows XP restore points

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Mar 15 2009 - 15:15:49 EDT

Ah that that one. Well I have doubts that it would work in Franks case.
  The other 'tools' is the one I was speaking of. But yes the encrypted
files may not be recoverable depending on the situation. I always
recommend a backup (especially in that case) first. True there is
always a way around security. But in the case of True Crypt, it is safe
for at least a few decades. It is always a balance between (as you
said) how much is worth it. At some point you run into the law of
diminishing returns where it is just not worth the time invested
protecting the data to the 'most secure method possible'.

Btw, Sonny, OUCH always a good idea to backup such tools (along with
everything else). I keep a few CD's on hand with such tools as I never
know when my customers might need them, or myself for that matter.


On 3/14/2009 11:40 PM, Tony Morrow wrote:

> The password reset disk you create is specific to that user account.
> So its not like you can create the disk and walk up to any random
> computer and login. Its more of a preemptive step incase you ever
> need to access the computer and have forgotten your password. If you
> change your password then I think you even have to recreate the disk.
> There are, however, tools out there that can be used to erase the
> password off a user account. They do this by messing with the SAM
> files and password hashes. But if you encrypted files using XP Pro's
> built-in utility then those files are rendered unreadable (since
> access is based on the user and the user's password). Truth is, there
> is always a way around security. You just have to ask "how?" and "how
> long?"

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