[NTLK] Smart Dog software?

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <jonathandueck_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Mar 13 2009 - 11:33:26 EDT

Hi, folks,
I've been attempting to get in touch with Smart Dog software so I can try out BackTalk ObEx; my current project is to try to set up a Tungsten W (has an SD card slot; I've got a portable USB SD card reader, and have installed FileZ on the Tungsten W, so things beamed to the Palm can be shared with laptops / other computers through the SD card), that I've come by for free, at a way for the Newt to communicate, via IR, with the world while I'm on the go.

I've tried IC/VC and IrObEx, which work great for vcards and vcals, as well as importing text beamed from the Palm, but which at this point I can't get to work for exporting text to the Palm -- it's been up on the list here before: the Newton's text rendering is Unicode, so the Palm reads it as "p" and then stops. I've tried the various solutions others have pointed to in previous threads here (use Documents to Go to receive the Beam; try UniDec) and haven't gotten them to work on my Tungsten W, which is only Palm OS 4.

So, I'm trying to set up BackTalk, and have emailed Smart Dog several times over the year (the Kagi link from the Smart Dog site just leads to the main page). However, I haven't heard back from them. Any ideas on how to get in touch with them?



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