[NTLK] Soft Reset Causes Date/Time Reset

From: James Wages <james_at_kiramek.com>
Date: Sun Mar 01 2009 - 08:52:37 EST

Every time I perform a "soft" reset of my 2100, my date and time need to be
reset. I've been experiencing this for the past few months. I thought it
might just be the result of a dead lithium battery affixed to the logic
board; but from what I've read, the 2100 has a capacitor to maintain the
date/time. I have the 2010 fix installed, so could this date/time-reset
problem be related to that extension, or is my capacitor simply dead? Has
anyone else experienced this problem? I don't recall that I had this
problem before, and I remember performing many soft-resets last year but I
never had to reset the date and time every since time like I do now.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

James Wages

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