Re: [NTLK] Where can I find simple step-by-step instructions

From: Marcus Daniel <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 2008 - 15:39:06 EDT

On Sep 28, 2008, at 4:27 PM, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:

> Marcus Daniel wrote:
>> I found that the best Serial to USB adapters (PC Serial to USB) are
>> those with Prolific chipsets in them. Prolific offers a current Mac
>> OS
>> X driver and I got all my newtons to work with it (inclusive and up
>> to
>> the last 10.5.5). You can find a generic driver that might work with
>> many unspecified adapters on sourceforge, sorry dont have the link at
>> hand.
> From what I've heard, the Keyspan USA-28X and related models are the
> best out there

Sure if you want to spend the money and it works? I went with a cheap
no name brand PC-Serial to USB adapter (made sure it was prolific) and
the newton cable. Of course this requires you to have the right Newton
to PC Serial cable.

>> One problem you might have is the settings for your Serial speed.
>> Remember to set it in 3 locations to the SAME settings. Experimenting
>> I have found the most consistent performance with 57600 settings. Set
>> this here:
>> - Newton side dock/contact panel
> Done except that there isn't a 57600 setting. Besides just plain
> Serial
> I have Serial 2400, Serial 4800, Serial 9600

I see, I suppose that has to do with the driver on the Mac OS X side
then. On my end it with the Prolific driver installed it goes up to
115200, but its not a reliable speed, for me. You will also need the
pkg to support the higher speeds on the newton. I would go with just
the same speed for all settings to start with.

>> - Mac side: the app you will be using, NCX etc, within that app
> No speed settings just port numbers

Try Escale, you can set the serial connection speed as well as the
serial port used among other things.

>> - Mac side: System Preferences>Network>there should be a new entry
>> for
>> your USB-Serial Adapter cable connection. Under advanced it should
>> already have a Null-modem connecton set to the same speed, if not
>> adjust it.
> No "Advanced" but clicking on the port takes me to the configuration
> window and then clicking on the Modem tab allows me to select one of
> four Null Modems

Again, this must be provided by the Mac OS X driver. look like your
driver does not give these options.
>> PS: if you use a Prolific chipset adapter (those generic no name ones
>> are often prolific, ask the seller), make sure to remove all drivers
>> that are not for it, from the system. Under Mac OS X the prolifc
>> driver will even alert you to remove them.
> I think I'll have to discard NCX, as it won't quit even if I use Force
> Quit. Only by restarting the computer can I get it shutdown.

I contacted Simon and he knows about the freezing issues with NCX, he
said he might update it at some point.
Try Escale, it freezes almost never for me.
If you have NCX freeze your system you need to reboot it, power off
usually. So that happens and Simon confirmed this behaviour to me.

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