Re: [NTLK] Ethernet doesn't work

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 2008 - 10:08:04 EDT

I will assume that you are using NCX.

You have had success with this setup so it must be good.

NCX cam have problems when the connection is broken on the Newton side
and the Newton can have problems when several unsuccessful Dock
attempts are made.

I recommend that you reset your Newton via the reset button not
through a software application such as Avi's backdrop.
Log out of you mac account and log back in or restart the Mac if this

Good luck

On Sep 21, 2008, at 6:52 PM, Carlos Pessoa Filho wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to connect my MP2000u to my Macbook Pro running Leopard
> (10.5.4), without success. I really appreciate any help!!

> Extensions that I have installed:
> 3C589
> Ethernetdock
> Dock TCP/IP
> NIE Ethernet

> among many others. As I mentioned in the first email, I was able to
> connect my MP to my Mac only 2 times...

> Sorry for the long email, but I really appreciate your help!
> Best,
> Carlos

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