[NTLK] Fw: Re: Wifi + Newt 2100 = Sigh + Arrgh

From: Ryan Vetter <physicalconstants_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 04:29:04 EDT

Thanks Woody:

"As far as I know the SSID and Wep can only be entered into the Setup
window form the cards dialog window. In this window you will also
select WEP Key hexadecimal not string and then tic the use WEP option
and enter the 10 digit hex key."

Strange thing is, I am running Leopard and my Airport Extreme basestation, via Airport Utility, shows WEP running, with like a 26 digit number when I select Hexidecimal equivalent. The standard WEP number is 13 digits, which I believe is 128 bit encryption: the Hex equivalent is thus double. Maybe the encryption bit is too high?

Also, I cannot see my "Extras" icon anywhere... any advice? (Newt OS 2.1 MP 2100). I have been looking for that thing for ages... and everytime I run a search (Find), it errors at: -48200 ("Sorry, a problem has occurred")

Also, I figured out how to save numerous wifi configs using waveLAN (each complete with SSID and password, if appropriate). Just go to your "Owner Info", select a site, then click "All" to see the whole card. You will then see the WaveLAN setup listed in that site, and you can edit it there. You can also see, if you have added "Internet Access" or done "Internet Setup", the manual config for that site (i.e. DNS, IP address, etc.).

So the WaveLAN driver setup and Internet Setup work together, and get attached to one site: the WaveLAN driver sets the SSID, the wifi card and any password used to get connected: the Internet Setup allows one to manually enter IP, DNS, etc, but is of no other practical use Wifi that I can see, since it is missing inputs for SSID and network passwords.

To make a new config, just select a new site in the Owner Info pane, then click "All" as in show all card info, then click "Add" and select WaveLAN to add a new WaveLAN config to that site.

From the site in the Owner Info pane, with the WaveLAN config pane open, you can select the "I" button in the WaveLAN config screen and make the current site active. So this way you can make a bunch of configs and switch them through the Owner Info pane by simply clicking on the appropriate site, and then clicking the WaveLAN link, then clicking "I" and selecting "Make current site active".

Make several WaveLAN configs by way of a set of sites, each with their own WaveLAN config. As far as I know, you can only have 1 WaveLAN config for each site. Name each site something desciptive to remind you of what network it will work with (i.e. Madame Cleo's Vancouver ;)

Cause the Newt can't search for wifi spots on its own, you must specify the SSID, as far as I know.

My Card is a Lucent Orinoco Gold 11 mbps 802.11b.

So, I will delete Lantern and More Wifi cards and try again. Answers I am looking for: Where is my "Extras"? Why do I have a 26 digit Hex key?

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> Thanks Woody:
> "As far as I know the SSID and Wep can only be entered
> into the Setup

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