Re: [NTLK] Wifi + Newt 2100 = Sigh + Arrgh

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 00:26:06 EDT

In truth my experience has been very limited.
I have only used Lucent Wavelan cards so I've never installed Lantern
Patch or More Wifi.
I have used several different wifi routers, no real difference that I

It looks like you have chosen the correct wavelan driver.
Do you need both Lantern Patch and More Wifi? If not that may be the
As far as I know the SSID and Wep can only be entered into the Setup
window form the cards dialog window. In this window you will also
select WEP Key hexadecim not string and then tic the use WEP option
and enter the 10 digit hex key.

You can make any number of setups for the same card, but the SSID and
WEP key will need to be changed manually in the card setup when you
insert it ictap the card icon in extras, Avi's or what ever you use.

What card are you using?

I have always let the router assign ip address and only did a manual
setup to bypass the router and connect directly to an airport card in
my laptop.

-60088 seems to be an error at connecting to the router so I would
confirm that the SSID and WEP were correctly entered.

Good luck


On Sep 19, 2008, at 9:55 PM, Ryan Vetter wrote:

> I know Woody is the man on this. I can't seem to get my Newt
> connected to WEP. I have Lantern Patch, More Wifi Cards, all the
> NIE stuff that came on the 2100 CD, the NIE patch, ISP Templates,
> Internet Setup, NamesURLs, NTox, Courier, Net Hopper, NHttplib.pkg
> and the LucentWaveLAN.pkg (2007) from Hiroshi (the pkg in the open
> source folder). The other pkg on his site is the
> LucentWaveLAN_v1p08a.pkg (2003), which, as far as I know, is not
> installed. I am using an Aiport Exteme base station, with WEP
> turned on. I got the hex equivalent password from Airport Utility
> and input that into the WaveLan card setup screen, along with the
> correct SSID, checked off using WEP, etc. Saved that config as
> "Home".
> When I open Net Hopper for instance, I select the "Home" config, it
> tries to load google, and it errors out at:
> Loading DHCP protocol... ERROR -60088
> So, I then turned off WEP, and set up a new configuration in
> Internet Setup and used that with the WaveLAN card selected from the
> card drop down list. But, there was no place to input the SSID...
> Sure enough, went back to NetHopper and it errored out same as above
> -60088.
> Next step, manual config in Internet set up. Just did that, gave
> myself an IP (macbook is .200, Newt .201), typed in Subnet Mask and
> DNS address, copying data from OS X Network Prefs, and attached this
> config to my "Home" site through the Owner Info app. But, where the
> heck is there a place to input SSID in manual internet setup
> config? Anyway, this time the error is:
> "No response from your current DNS server. Check your Internet
> connection or contact the server administrator." 1 Green light on,
> the other flashing once in a while on the wifi card. I suspect it
> has no idea what wifi connection to grab (can't find a place to
> input SSID), so errors out.
> With the manual config tacked onto the WaveLan setup, it gets me as
> far as NetHopper retrieving the internet address, but then errors
> out as in above.
> Can I make more than one wifi config with the WaveLan setup
> (Hiroshi's driver) and how can I do this? The WaveLAN setup screen
> seems to only come on on start up and when the card is inserted...
> or, should I use the Internet Setup? But the Internet Setup does
> not allow me to input SSID, making it what appears to be somewhat
> useless in getting connected to Wifi.
> Confused...
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