Re: [NTLK] Chat program for the newton

From: Ken Whitcomb <>
Date: Sun Sep 07 2008 - 20:38:35 EDT

IME, the MPs need to have their transceivers pointed at each other,
and can be as much as 6 feet away from each other. One factor that
can have an adverse effect is large amounts of ambient light. For
instance, if one person is strongly backlit by an uncovered window,
the distance between will need to be decreased. They will need to be
closer outdoors as well. Experiment with it.
On Sep 6, 2008, at 6:16 PM, Richard Lawson wrote:

> Great thanks for the info.
> In practice, how is the IrDA ? Do you have to be right in line or can
> the emates be moving around a little ?

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