Re: [NTLK] Canadian Temps

From: Andrei Chichak <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 02:01:29 EDT

Nice one.

Around here it's never too cold to barbecue, fire in the snow I say.
Occasionally we have to postpone ice racing because the snow
insulates the ice and the guys won't race until the ice gets 3 feet thick.

But there is a good reason why it's always winter in Canada - follow
the logic if you can. At the poles the linear velocity of the earth
is zero, it's spinning on the axis, no distance from the axis at the
pole, no linear velocity. At the equator, the earth is about 24,900
miles (about 40,000 km) in circumference and the earth spins once
every 24 hours, so the equator is going at about 1037mph or 1666 kph,
way above the speed of sound (770mph/1235kph).

The US/Canadian boarder at 49 degrees happens to be the line where
the transition between the hypersonic US and the subsonic Canada
happens, which is why it's always summer in the US and winter in Canada.

Bring your snow shoes, but bring your tanning lotion in case you want
to nip across the boarder to Bellingham for cheap beer.


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