Re: [NTLK] Question about Newton and WLAN (on Mac OS-X 10.4.11)

From: <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 15:09:10 EDT

Hi RAParker, (and others)

thanks for your friendly and large answer.
I'm trying to understand its meaning ;-)

> > When I try a connection, the card is
>> busy blinking with two LEDs...
>Blinking both... that's bad.

I see, I wasn't exactly with my description:
One light stays stable, the other is blinking!

> > 4. My Mini has built-in Airportcard (extreme).
>You need to activate Ad Hod (Peer-to-Peer) mode and you must keep in
>mind that your Newton only works with 802.11b.
>Make sure that you have your Airport Utility Software correctly to
>configure for Ad Hoc mode AND the Airport extreme is set to 'B only'
>mode to 'B' compatible. If your Airport extreme will not (or is not set
>to) do 802.11b, you're not going to get connected.

I have to recognize, that my statement about my Airport-version might
be wrong too:
My router is a foreign model of the provider, no Apple or Apple
extreme. I thought the internal Airport (=client) card is "extreme"
too or not. But that's surely without meaninig - or?

>I'd like to see the screenshots of your Airport Utility. Can you send
>them to me? Send them directly to my email, not through NewtonTalk (as
>NewtonTalk will strip attachments).

The Airport-Utility can't find any wireless router (at all or only in
my case) of other manufacturers. It doesn't show the WLAN of my
(foreign) router although it is definitely running/sending.

>Keep going... you'll get it.

Thank you for encouraging, I already thought about quitting my efforts.

Meanwhile I tried most things but I don't get my WLAN between Newton
and Mini running.

It doesn't run or I don't understand it to get it running.
The result might be the same.

Another question, friends: is a connection via bluetooth simplier?
And how fast is it compared with WLAN/WiFi?

Hope, this might be an alternative


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