Re: [NTLK] Wikinewt

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 17:24:32 EDT

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:55 PM, RAParker <> wrote:
> WikiWikiNewt come back!
> It's not so much as a Hosting Service for the archive (that is needed) in as much as just needing it to be functional again. A volunteer took over the wiki awhile back but nothing has happened...other than it complete disappearing with a 403 Forbidden Error (argh!). I would love to see come back online too.

Yup, that volunteer was me. Basically, WikiWikiNewt is running on a
_very_ old version of PHPwiki and has no direct (or even indirect,
it's gotta be done manually from what I've been told) upgrade to a new
version which is compatible with PHP5. Of course, when I did the
initial migration from Victor's servers to my own I was still running
PHP4, but an upgrade of my server OS earlier this year ended that.

The new site should give us the majority of the wiki's functionality
back, but I have a bit more work before I can flip the switch. I'll
try to get WikiWikiNewt back up in some way over the next few weekends
(oh, and I think I still need to flip the switch on the new BitTorrent
server too).

Morgan Aldridge

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