Re: [NTLK] Question about Newton and WLAN (on Mac OS-X 10.4.11)

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Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 06:14:33 EDT

Hello Tony, Woody and all my other helpers,

first I want to thank you for your time and wish to help.
Unfortunately the wished connection seems to be a "hard nut", as we
call it in germany ;-)

Yesterday evening I spent some lovely hours with my newton (and
without my wife...), but had no success with a wireless connection.

I followed Woody's instruction step by step, but something must be missing yet.
The newton tries to connect, searches for macintoshes but ... can't find any.

So I now take up Tony's instruction and have some questions about it.

Tony wrote:

>A) Yes, you can create a computer to computer connection between the
>Newton and your Mac without a router. If you follow the directions I
>provided in the previous message (maybe I was too vague in describing
>stuff), Internet sharing basically turn your Mac into its own
>wireless router. That allows you to create a direct connection.

OK, thanks: That is a new point of view for me.

>Let me ask you this: is your Mac Mini directly connected to the
>wireless router?

My Mini is connected directly to the router with Ethernet-Cable. I
don't use Airport with this Mac normally.

>If that is the case then there really is not need to
>create a ad-hoc wireless network between the Newton and your Mac.
>Instead, create a new a new ethernet setup on your Newton with a
>configuration of DHCP. Also set the SSID on the Newton to the SSID of
>your wifi router.

Do you mean the SSID of the actual/distant router (not the mentioned
Mini as a "router")?

In that case I have only one problem: On my router I use WPA-2, that
is not supported by the newton (or is there a possibility?)
Does it make sense to change it to WEP just for testing?

>Given the right software the Newton and your Mac
>should be able to communicate. (may need to make sure the firewall on
>your Mac is turned off in the Sharing preferences)
>If you want a connection much like what your Mac and an iPod has,
>there isn't a complete solution yet.
>For the iPod, iTunes takes care of making sure all the data is
>shared between your Mac and the iPod.

I had the idea, that NewtSynch does just that (or at least some of that stuff).

>In the days of OS 9 and lower, Newton Connection Utilities preformed
>this operation over either a serial connection or AppleTalk. With the
>days of Classic long gone and NCU not able to run on Intel Macs
>natively, the Newton community has stepped in to fill most of the
>void for OS X. Lets talk about some of the applications and how they
>NCX: <>
>Created by Simon Bell (the person behind SimpleMail and MailV), NCX
>is designed to be a complete replacement for Newton Connection
>Utilities. Although it is not finished, NCX has the ability to
>transfer documents to/from Notes and Works, transfer packages, backup/
>restore a Newton, and take screenshots. While syncing calendars and
>contacts are not supported, they are planned features (I believe).

I can use NCX with a serial connection between Newton and the Mac
mini (via Keyspan Twin serial adapter). With success.

The wish to get the WiFi-solution to go is just for step up.
As I read, it is quite faster (Is that right?). And of course it is
more "elegant" without cables...

>There are two ways to connect your Newton to NCX: serial and
>ethernet. Serial is the tried and trued method of connecting a Newton
>to a computer, but has become obsolete give the lack of serial ports
>on both Macs and PCs. You can still buy USB adapters and connect that
>way. Its good for if you need to brainwipe a Newton and don't have a
>card to store the ethernet drivers. The second method of connecting a
>Newton to NCX is over ethernet. Rather than using Appletalk, a plugin
>is provided to allow the Newton's Dock application to connect over a
>TCP/IP connection. Once you configure the plugin, you should be able
>to send and receive data between NCX and the Newton.
>NewtSync: <>
>While it may no longer be actively developed, NewtSync can be
>compared to using iSync for mobile phones. Again, you are able to
>send and receive data between your Mac and Newton. With the available
>plugins on the website you can keep contacts, calendars, todo lists,
>and other stuff update between your platforms. Be sure to read the
>documentation. Some information has trouble being shared.
>Like NCX, NewtSync is able to share data over a serial and TCP/IP
>connection. Rather then use the Newton's built-in Dock application a
>separate "nSync" application needs to be installed on your newton and
>is provided with NewtSync.
>There are other methods of sharing information between a Mac, PC, and
>the Newton. Some more involved then others. You could transfer files
>using MailV, IC/VC, and an email server (not Gmail which requires a
>SSL connection and the Newton can't do that). Other options include
>syncing your data with an PC that has Outlook installed and use the
>LookOut plugin. The best advice is to download different software and
>see what works best for you.
>On the topic of the actual connection between your Mac and the
>Newton; based on the fact your Newton is able to see your Mac through
>Appletalk then I would assume you have everything setup correctly.

Unfortunately just that is not yet the fact.
Please tell me: What happens on the Newton, when it finds the Mac mini?
Is there the name of the Mini and I can "log in" to it???

That's an event which didn't come true till now.

Another question: Do I in any case have to choose "AppleTalk" on the Newton?

>All you need is the right software to get your Mac and Newton talking
>(think of your current situation as having an iPod and you don't have
>iTunes installed; there is no easy way to get music onto your iPod
>and be playable). The biggest problem you have right now is getting
>the TCP/IP plugin for Dock or nSync application onto your Newton
>without a serial connection. I believe Escale will allow you to
>connect your Mac to the Newton's Dock application over Appletalk.
> From there you can install applications as needed. I just hope it
>works on Intel Macs.
>Hope this information isn't too much of an overload and is able to
>sort out some of your questions.

Oh no, Tony, no information overload at all: I'm hungry for that :-))
Thank you again. Now this information must only become usable for me.

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