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Date: Tue Oct 28 2008 - 23:36:58 EDT

On Oct 28, 2008, at 2:09 PM, wrote:

> Hi friends again,
> four days ago I already asked you for help to establish a WLAN
> with/between my newton and Mac.
> I got some help from here (thanks again), but I don't have success.
> Let me tell you the facts (as far as I understand it... :-(
> 1. Newton MessagePad 2100 (Orinoco Card, that mount's as "Lucent
> WaveLAN/IEEE")
> When I try a connection, the card is busy blinking with two LEDs...
> 2. Mac Mini Intel (means no Classic mode possible - OK, I could with
> an elder powerbook, but at least I'd like to use the Newton with the
> mini.
> 3. My Mini is connected with an internal network and internet via
> ethernet cable and router (non-Apple). The router has
> WLAN-capabilities. Another mini works fluently via WiFi to the router
> (only Internet no internal net till now), I think that means it is
> established and works.
> 4. My Mini has built-in Airportcard (extreme).
> ---------------------------------------------
> Now, what I don't understand:
> a) can I/shall I establish a connection computer-to-computer between
> the Newton and the Mini???
> That's to say: Can I even establish a connection between the two
> machines without the router?
> or
> b) do I always have to go over the router to connect the Newton
> with the Mini?
> I never established such a computer-to-computer-network, so I don't
> know that at all.
> Also I don't know how I can identify an established connection
> between newton and Mini. (?)
> There are too many options on the newton (and the mac), I'm really
> confused now.
> Well, the Mac mini has a name and the connection has a name (I
> believe last is, what I have to type in on the SSID. -?)
> For example: (on the newton) I do have to go over the "dock", - right?
> I have to tap on "AppleTalk"
> but then, at "connect with" I choose the name of the Mini (the
> machine's name!). Is that OK?
> Why does my newton then asks me to choose a Computer (under the
> headline of my Mini's name)???
> Then I can choose between * Desktop computer and then * none or
> * others...
> When I choose "others..." the newton seems to search, - but doesn't
> find anything.
> Hannibal is ante portas, but nobody opens the doors....
> Am I stupid or is it just to different from my former experiences on
> the mac? :-((
> What you should know yet:
> I'm not (really) interested to go surfing on the web with my Newton.
> I mainly want to transfer data between Newton and the Mac mini and I
> would like to synch Data of Newton and OS-X's addressbook & iCal etc.
> All sources I found about that didn't meet just my wish.
> Any ideas to let me find success?
> Stefan

A) Yes, you can create a computer to computer connection between the
Newton and your Mac without a router. If you follow the directions I
provided in the previous message (maybe I was too vague in describing
stuff), Internet sharing basically turn your Mac into its own
wireless router. That allows you to create a direct connection.

Let me ask you this: is your Mac Mini directly connected to the
wireless router? If that is the case then there really is not need to
create a ad-hoc wireless network between the Newton and your Mac.
Instead, create a new a new ethernet setup on your Newton with a
configuration of DHCP. Also set the SSID on the Newton to the SSID of
your wifi router. Given the right software the Newton and your Mac
should be able to communicate. (may need to make sure the firewall on
your Mac is turned off in the Sharing preferences)

If you want a connection much like what your Mac and an iPod has,
there isn't a complete solution yet. For the iPod, iTunes takes care
of making sure all the data is shared between your Mac and the iPod.
In the days of OS 9 and lower, Newton Connection Utilities preformed
this operation over either a serial connection or AppleTalk. With the
days of Classic long gone and NCU not able to run on Intel Macs
natively, the Newton community has stepped in to fill most of the
void for OS X. Lets talk about some of the applications and how they

NCX: <>
Created by Simon Bell (the person behind SimpleMail and MailV), NCX
is designed to be a complete replacement for Newton Connection
Utilities. Although it is not finished, NCX has the ability to
transfer documents to/from Notes and Works, transfer packages, backup/
restore a Newton, and take screenshots. While syncing calendars and
contacts are not supported, they are planned features (I believe).

There are two ways to connect your Newton to NCX: serial and
ethernet. Serial is the tried and trued method of connecting a Newton
to a computer, but has become obsolete give the lack of serial ports
on both Macs and PCs. You can still buy USB adapters and connect that
way. Its good for if you need to brainwipe a Newton and don't have a
card to store the ethernet drivers. The second method of connecting a
Newton to NCX is over ethernet. Rather than using Appletalk, a plugin
is provided to allow the Newton's Dock application to connect over a
TCP/IP connection. Once you configure the plugin, you should be able
to send and receive data between NCX and the Newton.

NewtSync: <>
While it may no longer be actively developed, NewtSync can be
compared to using iSync for mobile phones. Again, you are able to
send and receive data between your Mac and Newton. With the available
plugins on the website you can keep contacts, calendars, todo lists,
and other stuff update between your platforms. Be sure to read the
documentation. Some information has trouble being shared.

Like NCX, NewtSync is able to share data over a serial and TCP/IP
connection. Rather then use the Newton's built-in Dock application a
separate "nSync" application needs to be installed on your newton and
is provided with NewtSync.

There are other methods of sharing information between a Mac, PC, and
the Newton. Some more involved then others. You could transfer files
using MailV, IC/VC, and an email server (not Gmail which requires a
SSL connection and the Newton can't do that). Other options include
syncing your data with an PC that has Outlook installed and use the
LookOut plugin. The best advice is to download different software and
see what works best for you.

On the topic of the actual connection between your Mac and the
Newton; based on the fact your Newton is able to see your Mac through
Appletalk then I would assume you have everything setup correctly.
All you need is the right software to get your Mac and Newton talking
(think of your current situation as having an iPod and you don't have
iTunes installed; there is no easy way to get music onto your iPod
and be playable). The biggest problem you have right now is getting
the TCP/IP plugin for Dock or nSync application onto your Newton
without a serial connection. I believe Escale will allow you to
connect your Mac to the Newton's Dock application over Appletalk.
 From there you can install applications as needed. I just hope it
works on Intel Macs.

Hope this information isn't too much of an overload and is able to
sort out some of your questions.

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