[NTLK] 2100 power supply

From: Stephen Davies <stephen.l.davies_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 17:11:03 EDT

I recelled my 2100 battery pack - thanks to the excellent instructions at
pda-soft.de. Pretty sure I did it right - and my Newton seems convinced.
But I don't have a proper Newton power supply. I have a beefy supply giving
about 6.5v output with no load. I've read all the warnings about wiping out
my Newton but that is a safe voltage and it powers my Newton fine.

But this supply doesn't seem to be able to fast-charge my newly recelled
pack properly. When I first plug it in then my Newton shows fastcharging
and a charge current of around an amp. That drops the supply voltage to
about 6v. The battery voltage gradually climbs and when it gets to about
5.6v it switches to trickle charge. The slip claims that the batteries are
charged. But the cells are definitely not properly charged.

I guess that my supply voltage is too low? I know that I really need a
voltage regulated and current-limited supply, but I'm not sure where to get
such a thing and what the next-best would be?


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