[NTLK] Looking for a defective/dead Newton MP 2000/2100 battery pack

From: T-na Tran <tnatran_at_sprintpcs.com>
Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 15:28:06 EDT

Sorry, I was not clear in my previous post. As evident by the emails
offering to recell my dead battery and/or sending me dead batteries, I
definitely was not clear in my message :).
I was responding to Frank, another (inititial) poster, who was looking for a
dead battery. I was going to send mine to him to use.
I don't know if the emails were sent to all participants of the thread so
not sure if the original poster received these offers? IMHO, the other
offers were good (better)! Frank, if you did not receive those other
offers, let us know here so they can send them to you?

T-na Tran

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