[NTLK] How to load a new package...?

From: Stephen Davies <stephen.l.davies_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 17:58:43 EDT

I'm very embarrassed to have to ask such a stupid question, and I've Googled
all evening...
I've inherited a Newton and trying to get the feel of it. I have
successfully connected to the net using wireless. I have Nethopper.

I'm now trying to get NCX going. So I put the .pkg files on my web server
in a directory, did the mime-type thing so that Nethopper recognises them,
and downloaded them using Nethopper.

Now the packages are in my In Box on my Newton.

Now what?

They have a "arrow to and from the world" icon next to them. If I tap that,
I get a "Bonjour Chooser" (or whatever) and "There is no viewer for this
item". I tried filing it, but that doesn't seem to do anything interesting.

So I sit and feel stupid...

Any hints...

Regards from a newbie (obviously),

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