[NTLK] more doubts using mailV

From: newton <newton_at_nullachtfuenfzehn.de>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 09:10:14 EDT


i have installed mailV in these days, too. but very strange and annoying
things happened ...

- in my in/out-box there are now some groups like this: 6. october 2021,
6. october 2022, 6. october 2023 ...
and every group is containing a few mails? (time-settings of newton and
mail-server are ok, of course)

- although my settings says „not older 1 day“ & „not larger than 10k“
mailV gets a strange, random-like selection from the server? (a lot of
mails, which are weeks old ...)

- on every reconnect mailV is always fetching a fix amount of „124“
e-mails from the server? i can read or delete some mails – the amount
keeps still the same?

i'm very confused. the transfer itself, even with a mailbox containing
hundreds of mails, is just running?
or is there a better solution for simple mail-applications, i don't know?
i just want to receive a few mails in the evening hours at home ;-)

thanks a lot and regards,

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