Re: [NTLK] MD5 library

From: Christian Walther <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 03:58:23 EDT


2008/10/7 Tony Kan <>:
> What is an OPIE calculator, pray tell? Thanks in advance
instead of logging in to a remote system by using one fixed password,
there's the possibility to use "One Time Passwords", too.
This needs to be configured on the remote system properly. Basically
you define a secret passphrase on the destination host, that is used
to verify the passwords. The idea is that after you sent your login
name upon login, the server presents you with a string (the so called
"challenge"). Using an opie calculator and the secret passphrase you
can calculate the proper reply, e.g. one time password.
This is just a rough explanation

This is a pretty cool method login to a remote server in an unsecure

And yeah, I like the idea of having one on the newton! So Anthony, if
you need someone doing some beta testing, I'll happily give it a try!


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