[NTLK] Reviving my Newton and needing to reactivate old software

From: Glen Swanson <glen_at_swanson.dk>
Date: Mon Oct 06 2008 - 06:38:34 EDT

It's been a long time since my Newton 2100 has been active but I've
dusted it off and began looking at it with renewed interest. And, now
I believe that there is room to begin using this little device once
With that said, let me add that I originally signed on to this list
way back in the late 90s (perhaps 1997) when I purchased by first
Newton 130 while on a business trip to San Francisco. I recall how
that first Newton was stolen within a week of getting home, and I used
the insurance claim to pick up the then newly introduced 2000 and was
in awe of this tool for years.

While it was in active service, it worked wonders in the most extreme
conditions, and wild locations. So there might be room again. if I can
keep my demands modest.

But I need help. Somewhere through the years I've lost the my
registration codes fo Work's Better, More Information and NewtScape.

Actually I found the code for MorInfo but in my wife's name so if I
reboot I need to be sure to do so in her name and then switch owners
to myself. This is do-able but tedious.

So the question, would anyone know how I can use these programmes? Are
they now in the public domain and unlocked or are the designers of
these utilities still providing codes to registered owners?

Thanks, in advance, Glen

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