[NTLK] Reading Mac floppies on a Win XP machine

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 16:11:30 EDT

I was given an upgraded MP2000 by a friend last week. He didn't know
what it was, and doesn't like old stuff anyway. He has hysterics every
time he sees me read email on my old GRiDs.

The eMate was my first venture into anything Apple since my Dad's Apple II.

This MP2000 came brain-wiped except for the regular installed apps.
It's in the original box, with all it's documentation (two or three
copies in some cases) and a 6" stack of floppies. All of them for Mac.

I'll post a list of what I've got in the way of manuals and software
later and you all can take what you want.

BUT I REALLY want newtWorks back on this machine. I have the install
disks, but don't have access to a Mac.

Can somebody tell me if / how to get the packages off onto either a
windows (XP Pro) or MS-Dos machine?

I'd like a simple method, since I'm buried at work and my brain hurts.



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