[NTLK] Connecting Newton to a Modern PC

From: Albert <albalabs_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 13:36:43 EDT

I know this has probably asked before, but I just
wanted a status update on how people are connecting
their Newton for Synchronization and Package
installation on a Modern PC (2GHZ and above).

I read Scott Hanselman's excellent article on using
Virtual PC with Newton Connection Utilities. I can't
utilize this approach as I don't have serial ports on
my computer and I believe Virtual PC doesn't recognize
the USB ports so I can't use a USB to Serial

I can either buy a serial card and use his approach

I installed Virtual Box which is an Open Source
Virtual PC which does support the USB Ports. I will
let everyone know if this works. I am still awaiting
my USB dongle from Notwen.com, but it should be here
any day now.

Has anybody tried Andy Galluzi's NEWTON CONNECTION
TOOLS for Windows? I am so tempted, but I haven't
heard anyone successfully using this or posting a
review on it yet.

Thanks for any updated info you guys can provide for

I'm back using a Newt after 9 years!

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