[NTLK] PC to Newton cable

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 13:19:49 EDT

I use the cables I got from Gary.

I bought the used ones, and got both the 9-pin mini and the weird
Newton connector to PC versions. I couldn't tell they were used.

For about $10 I bought a nice serial to USB adapter from my local
"hard core" computer store (I love going into Best Buy and asking for
a "null modem adapter"). The layers of adapters setup sounds like the
one I used to connect my Palm to an old external modem....

So now I can sync to both my old GRiDpad and my new-ish Motion Computing slate.

I also ordered the USB dongle from Adriano (http://notwen.com) and
can't wait to try that out. I like any solution that cuts down on the
nest of snakes in the bottom of my backpack.


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