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Date: Thu Sep 20 2007 - 13:09:09 EDT

My favorite, too, by far.
(And 2d fav, for the same reason.)

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> The un-badged slip-case, with a flap
> opening, carry rings on the rear (to attach a shoulder strap) and the
> elasticated hand strap that I purchased from Frank Gründel a couple
> of years ago is slightly heavy (the thin metal plate in the flap
> cover serves to protect the Newton 2100 screen from all but the most
> determined damage), but you have access to the PCMCIA slot at the top
> (thereby allowing you to use wireless or ethernet cards in libraries
> and cafés in Istanbul, or wherever you live) and you can reach the a/
> c port, communication port and even the speed upgrade switch at the
> top of the Newton when you need to without stripping off the case. My
> workaday 2100 MP virtually lives in this case permanently, and with
> the shoulder strap, couple of communication cards and a spare stylus
> or two, is all I take out for the day. So, despite the weight, the
> case is the best I've got (and I have some of the Newton-badged,
> zippered personal organiser-type cases, which are very awkward to
> hold actually, though they do have the advantage of being able to use
> the keyboard more easily with the velcro-adjusted internal flap to
> angle the Newton when the case is flat on a desk, and they look more
> elegant if you take them into a meeting.

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