[NTLK] Re Unlocked/Open Source WaveLAN Drivers (Was "Re: Serial ATA Drivers- How to use if now Open Source")

From: Morgan Aldridge <makkintosshu_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 18:07:05 EDT

On Sep 13, 2007, at 2:15 PM, Eckhart Köppen wrote:

> On 13. Sep, 2007, at 19:10 , Albert wrote:
>> Yeah, can someone upload a compiled unlocked version
>> to the UNNA Archives? We would all really appreciate
>> that! Thanks again!
> UNNA upload gave me some warnings, but the driver .pkg file is in the
> ZIP file linked from this page:
> http://www.ff.iij4u.or.jp/~ngc/eng/newtwave.htm

I've had the source since the day he released it (just-in-case), but
hadn't actually tried to included .pkg file. Very good to know that
it's the unlocked version.

Yes, I haven't opened up UNNA to uploads again yet, but I'll add that
to the queue.

Morgan Aldridge

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