[NTLK] What to do and other apps available

From: Andy Hill <adhill_at_fastmail.co.uk>
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 17:43:27 EDT

Hi there

Following my post a couple of weeks ago it turns out that the
application called What To Do, is actually still available and
registration costs only $7. It is a very useful little add-on for the
Dates app, which lets you add notes to ToDos and create multiple ToDos
very quickly. It also comes with a handy moveable button which when
tapped calls up a mini todo dialogue box. Again very swift.

Thanks to Matt K for providing me with the following link:


There are other interesting software titles available here that I think
used to be available via newts.com or Pelican Ware. Take a look. These
include: X-port, Newtcase, Gesture Launch, Bar Keep. I also bought
gesture launch engine for Dash Board.

If you do purchase any the packages via Kagi, you need to contact Dan
Rowley (I'm sure some of you know him already) by emailing danrowley at
imniles dot com. He was the original developer of some of this software
listed. He's retired from Newton programming a long time ago, but still
contactable for packages and registration.
Thought I would post just in case this is of interest to anyone else.

All the best

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