Re: [NTLK] Palm kills Folio before it's birth...

From: Robert JA Basilio Jr <>
Date: Fri Sep 07 2007 - 02:28:03 EDT

Hmm...thanks Steve. I thought it had wifi. And while I do know that it was
being marketed as a partner gadget for Treo phones, I didn't know that you
needed a Treo to enable email.

3. If I recall correctly, it REQUIRED a phone (Treo, etc) in order to
> pickup email. In other words, the mail client on the Foleo could not
> directly communicate with mail servers, it just collected what the
> phone had already picked up.
> When it was announced, the "huh?" was deafening. Even _I_ couldn't
> think of a reason to buy one, and that's saying something. :)

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