Re: [NTLK] OT - Do you speak BBC English?

From: Andy Hill <>
Date: Mon Sep 03 2007 - 06:17:50 EDT

Hi Christian
There's no need for apologies. My thread was not meant to be taking a
moralistic high road, just to say that recent threads made were realise
again some of my own nonsense, not anyone elses. The thing I like about
this online community is that the underlying intentions in 99.9999999%
of all threads are well meaning. Personally I have no problem whatsoever
with making fun of the English, we have much to laugh at ourselves
about. Then so does everyone else.

I do like the fact that the debates on newtontalk range from, does
anyone know how to do x,y or z on a Newt, to being enraged about the use
of the apostrophe. On that particular issue I couldn't agree more,
although I do think the semi-colon is getting a rawer deal in this
current time.

I stand by what I said about corn dogs though. From what I could tell,
no so much corn but plenty of dog.

All the best


On Mon, 03 Sep 2007 09:41:22 +0100, "Lord Groundhog"
<> said:
> ~~~ On 2007/09/03 08:24, Andy Hill at wrote ~~~
> > The thing I find funny about 'them and us' debates is that I've never
> > found an example of a 'them' or even in fact an 'us'.
> Sorry, Andy, for seeming to give legitimacy to such a division of
> humanity.
> I felt I had to do it, in order to make any clear analysis of the point.
> Of
> course you're right; the real "us" is all-inclusive, the real "them" is
> non-existent

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